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If you push around in the water you will find that it's very difficult to show at low speed. Because the sides of the sponsons that run all the way to the back of the airplane acts as rudders that maintain the airplane on the direct program while in the water this is. But as soon as you get-up to speed the jet starts to elevate itself up from the water and starts to hydroplane it is hardly unresponsive to inputs. It's a bit vulnerable to wind since the plane doesn't whey significantly set alongside the surface of the wing. I have tried traveling in rather high winds and it is challenging. It it’s challenging to territory and advances all over the location. It handles dunes very well but it’s as driving around on a dead calm river definately not as enjoyable. The ability startup I loved the most effective: Engine: Topwerpro 2409-12T 1600kV ESC: Towerpro 18A Battery: 3s800mAh 20-30C Loong-Max Brace: 8*4 DD GWS This really is among the RC jets that are many pleasant that I've flown! It has a speed envelope that is wide, doesn't have undesirable habits, is predictable and steady.The build is quite simple and the layout is fantastic. Nothing to complain about.

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