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While somebody needs to be at the underside, many of these players were actively hoping to get greater at Starcraft 2 - winning contests, studying tactics, observing their replays, following professional revenues, and seeking aid - though failed to considerably improve their rankings despite their recurring efforts. The problem then became. Why do some people grasp Starcraft 2, gradually but progressively increasing their rankings the more they play, while other participants languish in position purgatory, never truly producing significant advancement in ladder ranks no-matter just how much they play? Evidently, understanding approach alone isn't enough to progress towards the the Starcraft 2 ranks' top. There are not various high to mid-rated people that are well-versed in tactic that is SC2 yet don't possess a good list showing due to their attempts. I began to wonder. Then what is must be highly skilled at Starcraft 2, if-not approach? And perhaps more to the point, what's the quickest means possible to do this highlevel of ability? I set out on a quest ahead up having a 2 training program together with the following criteria: The end result was the primary and merely correct 2 training course, The Osiris Method. To be able to satisfy these complex requirements when designing The Osiris Strategy, I took improvements within the grounds of neuroscience, skill, and expertise order, in addition to practices and exercises used by top level instructors and academics in other related realms like chess, audio, and activities, and blended this using the top Starcraft 2 strategies and forms used by pro-stage players to produce the best Starcraft 2 training program. The Method is greater than just a strategy information – it's a whole Starcraft 2 program.

The Osiris Method - Ultimate Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide