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…and believe #8230;the 2 homeowners weren’t planning to let me forget how nice they were… & you me; …60-hour to 70 hour work weeks were standard… and you were a ‘slacker’ if you worked significantly less than 50 hours. You may get a call at Midnight…need to schlep out inside the black of evening…travel two hours in lord knows what type of weather and repair some type of computer for a diner that has been under commitment…then push back another couple hours. Can’t let you know just how many Fri evenings the homeowners spent enjoying their children in a basketball sport out producing them as much as $180 HOURLY while I was and driving all-over Illinois. …while my kid waited at patiently for Dad ahead home. I am still a little uncomfortable even today that he was quickly asleep several nights before I got home. Ya understand…I had been usually the one generating them #8230; #8230 & EXTREMELY PROSPEROUS there have been weeks wherever I had been lucky to obtain off one full weekend. Did they care that my child was never seen by me? Because my spouse was constantly a nervous accident, did they eliminate sleep? Anxious that I used to be driving too far on waaaay not enough sleep? Did they fear that I overlooked wedding, almost EVERY birthday and school event? U-m-m-m-m…NUMBER!

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