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38271 Nevertheless, there is today a superb nearby memorial at Mineo, using a list edited by Maniscalco in 2005, including an section by the eminent epigrapher Cordano that is German. At least 12 inscriptions, dating in the Roman and Hellenistic time, and primarily today on-display in the museum are included by this. ISicily 3440, a Hellenistic or interval funerary inscription that is early in the S.Ippolito necropolis near Mineo. Mineo museo civico inv. 5201 Nevertheless the tale does not stop there both, since a number of delayed Roman / early Christian scrolls have also been revealed recently, and lots of of these were recently revealed by V. Rizzone (in Epigraphica 2009). A number of the ones printed by Rizzone, and the texts printed by Cordano can be found in SEG, but SEG merely conveys 11 of the inscriptions in total. The product from Mineo today includes atleast 23 inscriptions (24 dependant on whether among unclear provenance should really be attributed to Mineo). A number of these were shed while in the 19th-century; the remainder are principally split between the Paolo gallery in SiracusThe material ranges and also the nearby museum from probably the third century BC to late whilst the sixth century AD. It's almost all funerary and allbut one of the scrolls is Traditional (there's one transient funerary inscription in Latin, to the opposite of 1 of the Traditional ones).

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