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IMHO pace is a lot more important* than line when it comes to keeping a good adding average mainly because you are going to usually be quit with an easier second putt if your line is off but speed is right, nonetheless, having faith in your line (even when it truly is improper) let us you swing the putt using a free intellect missing of the uncomfortable doubt whispering within your hearing, "the lineis not right, the lineis not right." *obviously they're equally essential but when I had to decide on a) great speed 100% of the time, great range 80% or  b) great point 100% of that time period, ideal velocity 80% I'd select the former. I hate blowing putts 4" + at night pit and that I dislike pansy adding them 4'+ afraid. Embarrasing and typically left using a challenging putt that is second. Why Gimmies are thus common reckon thatis eh? The bulb for me personally was never the drop point, but studying the putts in portions with the most relevance being given to the past 3-feet. I am aware it's something that I really do without realizing about it, but it just did actually create anything simpler doing it this way.  I concur that Geoff has a lot of good efforts.  I bought his e-manual on club style.  His slamming AimPoint looked actually out of personality from his I read's other stuff.  But AimPoint is n't thought by me is just a main advertising exercise often.

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