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Submitted by guests Guess the two breakers two closers inside the race. This should strike the quinella in a four pet box at the least 50% of the time. Pets that are light have difficulty in the moist circumstances of the track. The dogs and I play in Corpus Christi puppy track, Texas. The quantity of rain we get is not nasty. Together with a 4 dog pack trifecta was performing and wet by the monitor I've had my biggest achievement choosing the fav and the 3 biggest dogs in combination. If among the 3 most heavy is not even in the hunt prior to making the wager this 1 sits out. Inside traps circumstances guess in wet weather. Typical their finishes and go together with your dog using the end avearage that is best. I have had success 'keying' on not one, but two puppies, and betting combinations using them, including one trifecta select each competition. I've noted that the favorite, except greatly preferred, probable will not acquire but key into quinela mixtures properly.

Stock Trade Wire