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  Once I first started, I didn't understand anything about it, until I met Samir Hasan, our coach, along with a number of wonderful people who made me commit to Dabkah. We started exercising twice a week, placing work that is excellent, and yes alot enhanced, we still require more routines because we started but capabilities have improved a lot. I truly enjoy Dabkah currently, and all of this because we have a terrific excited coach who wants to hand out everything he has and anything he appreciates, like a person in this fantastic Dabkah crew I suggest Samir Hasan to anyone that want to understand/study Dabkah. This kind of great person learn and to meet up from." Malek Kafaween "I just went to get a couple of moments and so I'd say you are a fantastic tutor yet I learned the fundamentals. What helped me essentially the most to master easily was training what with you.  on what I believe anyone with no history about Dabke may study from you. Finest coach I've actually recognized!" Hasan "Our knowledge with the Dabke sessions of Samir was wonderful. He is an expert Dabke instructor who understands how-to get his students to level that is professional from a novice level. His Dabke type is not both nontraditional and traditional, and he knows the variation between all other designs that are Dabke … Lebanese.

Dabke 101 - Learn How To Dance Dabke