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It’s completely lawful and within their Ts & Cs (but they’d choose you didn’t know about it). Rather than risking your money by bet and basically playing to their palms, we’ve designed something whereby each supply can convert right into an actual money number of around £200. It’s completely RISKFREE and if you follow our steps you're assured to produce 1000s of pounds of actual money profit. You’ll have observed the bookies give large cash amounts as a means of attracting customers that were new and then retaining them away. Below lies the ability for you really to exploit these offers by starting records with the bookies, putting the mandatory matched bets, and building a real revenue when you cash out the benefit. There is no risk. Since you guess on all outcomes of each event you produce absolutely sure that no matter what occurs you constantly create a guaranteed profit from each transaction. So whether a-team wins or drops, you will be guaranteed to produce a profit no real matter what the results. Yes you might take action all on your own. In reality there’s a money of information on the entire idea of bet that is matched. But there lies the issue.

Betfair Trading Community